About Me

My roots lie in the beautiful outskirts of Germany’s Allgäu region, but my studies and various career opportunities brought me to the equally beautiful (but comfortably warmer) Kurpfalz region – more specifically, to Heidelberg.  My time in Heidelberg has been interspersed with stays in Spain and Switzerland, where I was able to live, work, and perfect my intercultural communication skills.

My various positions have always somehow combined sales and foreign markets, providing me with extensive experience in and with 50 different cultures around the world. Before starting my business in 2006, I was primarily concerned with products and services in the food and confectionery sector.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that my focus has remained on interculturality and sales even after starting my own business. After completing a second degree at the University of Jena in intercultural training and coaching, everything finally came together: practice and theory; work experience and academic training; things experienced and things learned. This enables me to offer coaching, seminars, and training that are relevant to the everyday realities companies and their employees face.
My personal philosophy is that training should be fun! That’s the only way to achieve the kind of long-term motivation that leads to continual growth, both personally and within the company. This philosophy is mirrored in my trainings, which always actively involve people, cultures, and a healthy dose of fun!


  • M.A. (German “Diplom”) in Economics and Translation (French and Spanish)
  • Degree in intercultural training and coaching 
  • Accredited INSIGHTS MDI consultant
  • Further training in:
    - Industrial and organizational psychology
    - Intercultural coaching
    - Change management und organization development

Work Experience

  • Public Relations Manager, First Class Hotel (Valencia, Spain)
  • International Public Relations Coordinator, NGO (Basel, Switzerland)
  • 20+ years as an international key account manager for the raw materials and food sector
  • 20+ years of international sales experience in and with 50 markets worldwide

Training and Consulting Experience 

  • Intercultural trainings (culture-general and culture-specific)
  • Expat trainings Spain / UAE / USA
  • Impat training “Living and working in Germany”
  • Negotiation training in a German and an international context
  • Diversity workshops
  • Facilitation for employee surveys
  • Change management (process monitoring and support)
  • Team building
  • Preparation training for trade fairs (culture-general and culture-specific)
  • Lectures and presentations

Want to know more? I’m happy to send you my detailed profile upon request.