Branches & Target Groups

Who do I work for? For people and with people, regardless what branch they work in, how big their company is, or what their position may be.

My experiences range from working with individuals and family-owned mid-sized companies to supporting large, international corporations. While I am flexible regarding branch or industry, my current projects lie in the areas of energy, transportation, construction, welding technologies, food, and healthcare.

I’m happy to send you a complete list of references upon request!

References & Projects

DB Mobility Logistics AG, Germany

Ayman Afandey, Egypt

Interculture e.V., Germany

J. G. Niederegger GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Yamaichi Electronics, Tunisia

Urban Grupo de Comunicación, Argentina

  • Recipient-oriented communication

Alstom Boiler Deutschland GmbH, Germany

  • Basic intercultural sensitization
  • Etiquette for trainees
  • Small talk in English for engineers

WBS Training AG, Germany

  • Negotiate in difficult situations

Pfalzklinikum Klingenmünster, Germany

  • Basic diversity sensitization for executives
  • Telephone and sales trainings
  • Team development
  • Making and receiving calls stress-free
  • Successful communication with difficult dialogue partners (i.e. internal and external complaints)
  • Intercultural communication in everyday nursing care and clinic routines

GSI Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH, Germany

Nationwide cooperation for the following projects:

  • Change management
  • Welding instructors training – (intercultural) communication
  • Diversity in groups – conflict management
  • Trade fair preparation trainings 
  • Expat trainings
  • Impat trainings 
  • Sales and telephone trainings
  • Executive workshops

SKZ - Das Kunststoff-Zentrum, Germany

  • Trade fair preparation trainings

Cesra Arzneimittel GmbH & Co KG

  • Personal coachings for general management and executives
  • Export workshop

Through Compass International, Germany

BASF, Germany

  •  Expat trainings UAE

KSB, Germany

  • Impat trainings
  • Team trainings France

Deutsche Börse AG, Germany

  • Intercultural communication

DC Aviation, Germany

  • Trade fair preparation trainings UAE

Bombardier, Germany

  • Basic intercultural sensitization

Through WBS Training AG, Germany

Fa. Bühner Werbemittel, Germany

  • Sales and negotiation trainings
  • Team development

Through DGFP

Statkraft Markets GmbH


"I really enjoyed the lecture style and the fact that practice-related problems were addressed.”

"The interaction and interesting communication style were great, not to mention the lecturer’s professional methods.”  

"Thank you for the lively workshop!”

"What I liked most were the many international examples!”  

"Thank you so much for the clear and lively presentation, and for the possibility to integrate our own opinions and examples!”