“To be successful, you have to talk with people!”

That’s what my father always told me, and ever since I began my career as an independent coach and trainer in 2006, I’ve experienced the real truth of his words day after day. 

communicare [Latin] – to impart, share, or make common

"Communication" truly is the most important thing in life, which is why it has become my passion, main focus, and central theme of my training.
More specifically, I offer intercultural sales training – a rare combination of interculturality and sales that is otherwise hard to find on the training market. In addition to unique and relevant training content, my clients benefit from my ability to present in four different languages: German, English, French, and Spanish.

Interculturality and Sales

Interculturality fosters successful communication regardless of cultural differences and addresses communication in all its many forms: your own and that of others; direct and indirect; verbal and non-verbal. A solid understanding of the art of communication is the key to conducting effective negotiations, whether selling or purchasing. The secret is to use recipient-oriented, character-appropriate communication to reach your goals. 

In this spirit – let’s talk!


Doris Rost