My specialty lies in interculturality and sales training, which I am happy to offer separately or combined.

Intercultural Sales

Selling on a national level isn’t the same as selling abroad. Sales and marketing strategies that work in your home country may differ greatly from effective sales and marketing strategies suited for international markets. The communication styles and strategies used to market yourself and your product also vary drastically depending on the national or international context. Learn how to optimally position yourself, your products, and your services to increase profit margins, improve your productivity, and reach and maintain a high level of employee and customer satisfaction. 

Examples of intercultural sales seminars

  • Intercultural sales and negotiation training
  • International team development
  • Change projects
  • Diversity sensitization
  • Intercultural training in preparation for trade fairs
  • Intercultural guest relations
  • Effective presentations in an intercultural context


You are a company that offers products and services on the international market. Whether dealing with corporate or medium-sized businesses, you realize that international business has its own special set of rules and nuances. You’ve come to the right place if you need help to:

  • prepare skilled workers and executives for short or long-term foreign assignments.
  • sensitize your team to communication with non-Germans (i.e. subsidiaries, international clients, representatives, suppliers, etc.).
  • welcome foreign skilled workers and executives to your company and support them and their families during the assimilation process.
  • work with people with a migrant background in a German context (in all branches and levels, i.e. business, healthcare, management, education, etc.).

Examples of intercultural seminars

  • Basic intercultural sensitization
  • Expat training for UAE, Spain, South America, France, and USA
  • Impat training: sensitization of non-German professionals and executives for German communication and culture
  • Intercultural communication, also for nursing care and clinics: how to support guests with a migrant background
  • Small talk in English, also with a specialization for engineers
  • Communication with non-Germans


You want to make your sales team fit for the market? Your goal is to increase your profits, optimize your margins, and improve and maintain customer and employee satisfaction all while keeping an eye on purchasing? You’ve recognized that the “profits are in the purchase”?

Then it’s time to let me help you support and challenge your sales and purchasing team!

Examples of sales seminars

  • Sales and negotiation training for sales and purchasing
  • Recipient-oriented communication
  • Complaint management
  • Service and customer orientation